Kinder & Primary School

Kinder & Primary School

 Why should children learn English with Foreign Teachers at an early age? It is not easy for children to have a solid English foundation so approaching English environment soon can create a solid knowledge base for children. Knowing the benefits of learning English with Foreign Teachers and the parents’ needs, Byan Teach cooperates with Preschools and Primary Schools to introduce English lessons with foreign teachers to help children can approach and become familiar with English. 


According to linguists, the golden age for children to start to learn English is from 3 to 5 years old. At this stage, the preschools should let children to approach and get to know English with Foreign Teachers to focus on training children in listening and speaking skills in a natural way and helping children to develop thinking and reflection. Children need to learn in a standard environment, avoid inaccurate acquiring and awareness of English skills.

However, it is not easy for schools to find professional and suitable foreign language teachers. Byan Teach is always proud to be a professional company specializing in providing qualified Foreign Language Teachers (owning qualifications and teaching certificates, having modern and effective methods..) to schools, especially Pre-schools and Primary Schools acrossVietnam. So what are the benefits of studying English with foreign teachers provided by Byan? 

1. Foreign Teachers with solid knowledge and effective teaching methods.

Teachers’ teaching method is the top criteria that Byan Teach sets out when choosing. With solid knowledge and good pedagogical skills, Native English Teachers are absolutely able to help children to be interested and excited in learning English.

Foreign Teachers at Byan Teach are always well-prepared. By using vivid visual methods (learning through songs, flashcards, motor activities, etc.), teachers can help children to be more interested in learning and easily understand the lessons.

2. Children can develop their pronunciation and be more confident in communicating with foreigners.

Children aged 3 to 5 years old are very receptive and learnable. At this stage, children have the ability to learn and imitate foreigners’ pronunciation correctly so learning English with foreign teacher at an early age will help them develop their English pronunciation quickly.

Besides, learning in 100% English environment will help children enhance their reflection and confidence in communicating English.

3. Children can explore surroundings by English.

In addition to studying in the classroom, students also have opportunities to learn more useful words and many funny things in the real life through outdoor activities with Foreign Teachers. By naming real objects in English, children can easily remember new vocabularies.

When giving Byan Teach the opportunity, we will not let you down!

Byan Teach always relies on the needs of parents and the Principal of the school to choose the most appropriate professional Foreign Teacher.

- Schools can consider and choose Foreign Teachers through trial sessions.

- Support legal documents when using our supplying Foreign Teacher service.

- Support and closely manage Foreign Teachers, arrange teaching schedules and suitable learning programs for each student.

We are committed to bring the most effective learning environment to Vietnamese children!


Học Tiếng Anh với Giáo Viên Nước Ngoài- Vui Cùng Ông Già Noel
Học Tiếng Anh với Giáo Viên Nước Ngoài- Vui Cùng Ông Già Noel
Học Tiếng Anh với Giáo Viên Nước Ngoài  - Thầy Daniel Sawyer
Học Tiếng Anh với Giáo Viên Nước Ngoài - Thầy Daniel Sawyer
Byan Teach- Tiết học đồng giảng vơi GVNN
Byan Teach- Tiết học đồng giảng vơi GVNN
Bé học tiếng anh với giáo viên nước ngoài của Byan Teach
Bé học tiếng anh với giáo viên nước ngoài của Byan Teach

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