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College & Univesity


Byan Teach is a company providing foreign English Language teachers to Kindergarten school international schools, English language centers, private classes, University and Companies in Vietnam with the mission of solving difficulties in recruiting, providing and management foreign teachers.


College and University students are in the process of developing themselves and preparing to get international certificates such as TOIEC, IELTS to find a good job in the future. Byan Teach cooperates with Colleges and Universities to bring students the best English learning environment with Foreign Teachers to help them gain confidence in their English skill.

Byan Teach's service of providing Foreign Teachers has stood strongly for many years thanks to the professional and quality way of working. Colleges and Universities have cooperated with Byan Teach for a long time because of:

1. The team of Foreign Teachers is highly qualified.

2. The process of hiring Foreign Teachers is strict.

3. Supporting in arranging the school's teaching schedule.

4. Managing Foreign teachers strictly.

5. The curriculum is designed based on the student’ ability and needs.

(Byan Teach's team of foreign teachers collaborates with universities in Vietnam)

Foreign Teachers at Byan Teach with outstanding and high level of knowledge always follow the students’ needs to devise appropriate teaching methods to help students be more receptive and easily achieve high results.


(Byan Teach Accompanies With The Institute For International Training And Cooperation (IEC)

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